158359 Assignment 1. Web Research on HCI Requirements

Assignment 1 is done it groups of 4-6. It has three parts.


Setup. In the first week, students form groups and choose a coordinator, whose job is that week to email the instructor, cc Brian and Tong and all other group members, with the group name, and a list of members actual personal and family name (preferred name or nickname in brackets), including their own. Ask your group to email that detail to you. For this assignment you work in groups. Use others in the group to check your work and give feedback.


Presentations. For each of Assignment 1A (HCI1-2) Assignment 1B (HCI3-4), Assignment 1C (HCI5-6):


Only one pair of the group presents to the class at a time, but everyone must take a turn. You must:

                 i.          Describe two web sites that are basically have the same goal and address the same audience but do it in a different way, ideally one very good and one very bad from an HCI perspective. They should have different interfaces, i.e. ways of interacting with the user. Explain how each works and what the user has to do.

               ii.          Check by asking three people (or as many as are in your group), who might use such a site, to look at both and rate their user experience, from say very good, good, a bit good, just ok, a bit bad, bad and very bad. Would they use it again? Note: alternate the view order. Report what you found.

             iii.          Explain why one is better or worse using ideas from the given lesson set (reference a specific lesson and slide).

             iv.          Conclude with an original one sentence design recommendation to help a system builder.

Note: Find examples that illustrate some point of your choice in the lessons. Contrast an HCI requirement which is a statement about what people want or need and a design recommendation which is a statement about a computer application.

Also, reply to any class or instructor questions. Expect 4-6 slides only (one printed page)!

Confirm your web site type with the instructor or tutor before committing to it! The group should work together on it. All Check it, even though only two present at a time.

Marks. Marks are out of five for each presentation, where 5 is very good. Criteria are: 1. valid HCI requirement, 2. explained clearly, 3. examples relate, and 4. design rule is useful. You must attend the presentations of others, as a condition for grading and part of the learning experience. Part of the assessment will be the anonymous class rating.

Deliverables. For each pair:

1. Upload your ppt to the stream directory in the break before the presentations begin. Every group must do this,

2. Print copy in handout format (6/page) and give to instructor before presenting,

3. Present it in class and answer any questions,


Group problems. If some group members are "loafing" by not doing anything but taking the group grade, or not replying to emails, the rest may "divorce" them. To do this, it must be transparent, i.e. send an email to the course coordinator, copy to all group members, stating who is splitting, with no reasons given. All work done up to the split must be given to all members, after which, the separation ensues. The instructor will handle the fairness of future assessment.


External students. Submit into Stream areas for Asg1a, Asg1b and Asg1c, as appropriate, by the same due date/time as the face-to-face class, which is by 3pm on the Wed of the due date. This is done for consistency and fairness and is not amendable. Every student then has one week to participate in a discussion of the presentations as follows:

1.     Question. Within three days (by Sat midnight): ask a sensible question of another groupís presentation, based on the lesson, that hasnít been already asked. Note: variants of a prior question donít count. Points are given for thoughtful questions.

2.     Answer. Give a sensible answer to a question put to your group that is not already answered, and answer any follow-up comments. Points are given for thoughtful answers. If all the questions of your group are answered, you can second answer a question if you add value, or you can answer another groupís question. Not answering any question means no points for this

3.     Points taken off for not follow online discussion etiquette, i.e. no personal attacks, no flaming, no offensive language etc. The discussion will be moderated! The Stream site will not accept any further contributions after one week, and will close down on Wed midnight!