158.729 Assignment 2

Summarize and Review a Current STS Paper

Aim: Working in pairs or individually,

Critically review a current STS full research paper.

"Full research paper" means that it gathers some data from the world (quantitative or qualitative) and reports the results. This excludes opinion papers or a pure theory papers. It may be a book chapter, but not from the Socio-technical Handbook. Current means this year or last year. Register your title with your instructor, to ensure that no other group has already selected it. Select your paper from an academic journal or conference, using library resources.

Your review must have the following headings, with marks allocated as shown:

1) Topic and background (15). What is the topic area? How long has it been under research? What is main past research referenced in the paper? Give references.

2) Problem (10). What problem or issue within the topic does this paper address? Who would be interested in it (target audience)? Why is it important?

3) Theories(20). What theories are referred to in the paper? give names, academic references and copy the main theory diagram into your review. What are the main topic constructs of the theory - what it is about? What are the main causal constructs of the theory? What research question or issue is addressed?

4) Method(10). What method was used to gather the data? Were any assumptions tested? Was there any bias? What was the sample?

5) Results(10). What were the descriptive results? Were the results analyzed by any inferential statistics? What were the main findings?

6) Discussion(5). How were the results generalized? What are their implications?

7) Conclusions (25) Based on the previous, rate the paper on these criteria:

Relevant? (useful to others) (1-10)

Valid? (research method or argument is sound) (1-10)

Well written? (clear and understandable) (1-10)

Comprehensive? (topic area covered, current references) (1-10)

Logical flow? (good idea sequence) (1-10)

Interesting? (interesting title/headings, summary diagrams/tables) (1-10)

Overall (1-10):

For each criteria, give clear and valid reasons for your rating. Comment on the paper's strengths and weaknesses, including quotes from the paper to illustrate (give page numbers).

8) References (5) Review report needs to cite at least three correct format academic references in APA format, one of which may be the reviewed paper.

Stated requirements not met (-5 each). e.g. no cover sheet with statement of academic integrity, not written in academic style writing, e.g. using personal pronouns, not spell checked, not stapled, not emailed, not printed, etc.


1) Submit printed copy of report at the beginning of class on the due date, and attach a printed copy of the paper also

2) Also, email your report and the paper as a link or attachment to bwhitworth@acm.org WITH 158729 ASG3 IN THE TITLE.