158.796 Assignment 2. Basic Data Generation and Statistics

Aim: Working individually. Students will help generate data by answering a questionnaire, then analyze the resulting data using descriptive and correlational statistics. By participating in research you will also learn a great deal about how it works.


1.     Participate in an online research survey and invite a friend to do so (email Lornie Enggong L.Enggong@massey.ac.nz within the next week to start, then you must complete the survey within the following week).
Alternatively, devise  a questionnaire of five socio-technical  evaluation criteria, with five questions to measure each. Print the questionnaire 20 times and fill it in to generate 20 different cases of response data.

2.     You need the results as an Excel spreadsheet, where the first column is case number, and the following columns are labeled Q1, Q2, etc. for Question 1 etc. The rows are the cases - subjects who answered it. You also need a Legend to say what question Q1 is, and Q2, etc. If you participated in the online survey, this spreadsheet will be sent to you by email.

3.     In your report provide:

a.      A suitable title

b.     A table giving the criteria names and the text of every question for each

c.      A table where you have show Calculate correctly basic descriptive statistics (number, mean and standard deviation) for every question. Show the results in a table. Also calculate and show the same for every criteria.

d.     Choose five questions of one criteria and calculate the correlations between them. Show the results in a table.

e.      Calculate an average of the five questions in a new column to create a new criterion variable.

f.      Calculate the correlations between each question and the criterion variable.

g.     Discuss what on the above analysis means. Note which questions go together. Discuss whether the questions are part of a unitary criterion factor or not. Recommend which two questions you would drop from the survey if it was too long, and how much effect you feel this would have on the validity of that criterion measure.


1) Submit printed copy of report at the beginning of class on the due date, with the Excel spreadsheet you used that shows all calculations as an Annex (rows and columns must have meaningful titles or if shortened have a legend attached).

2) Email an electronic copy of your report and the Excel Spreadsheet used as attachments to bwhitworth@acm.org and L.Enggong@massey.ac.nz WITH 158796 ASG1 IN THE TITLE.