IT 158.799 Project Presentations 2009

Date: Tuesday, 27 Oct 2009       Location: Quad A QA5,
Anyone can come to sit in and listen. Review staff questions are first. You have three reviewers per presentation, including your supervisor. Be prepared and arrive at least ten minutes before your time. Brian and Hokyung are the two extra raters, unless they also are the advisor, when someone else helps. Bring your presentation on USB and load beforehand if possible. Check the USB works on a machine other than your own! There are points for both presentation and content.

Each student has 15 minutes to present, plus 5 minutes for questions. Prepare three copies of your slides at 6 slides/page, one each for your three assessors. Suggest: About 13 slides, 1 Intro, 4 Theory, 3 Method, 4 Results (main results only), 1 Discussion. Don’t cram your slides or use tiny fonts. You are graded on both presentation and content and ability to answer questions.




Advisor, Review

11:00  – 11:20

Website Blocking Finder: An Investigation of Website Blocking in Ten Countries

Massoud Alipour

Anuradha Mathrani, BW, HR

11:30  – 11:50

Evaluation of electronic Q-sort surveys

Kenny Kao

Brian Whitworth, HR, AM

12:30  – 12:50




1:00  –  1:20

Usability of mobile devices - A study on field and laboratory testing

Leo Kitt Yeng

Hokyung Ryu, BW, DW

1:30  –  1:50


Maha Osman

Tony Norris (on leave), BW, HR

2:00  –  2:20

 A study of wireless network security vulnerabilities for NZ organizations & individual users

Meng Li

David Wilton, BW,HR

2:30  –  2:50

Developing and evaluating an email a friend Wiki function

Yi Zheng

Brian Whitworth, HR, Napoleon Reyes

3:00  –  3:20

Collaborative software design with web and mobile technologies

David Wirian

David Parsons (on leave), BW, HR, Napoleon Reyes

3:30  –  3:50


Sally Lee

Brian Whitworth,

4:00  –  4:20


Rema Taha

Brian Whitworth

4:30  –  4:50