Life is an open secret

Life is an open secret, because one just needs to look to see what is going on. Many knew what Hitler's "new world order" meant, but chose to go along withe it because it was to their gain. Lies are loved, especially big ones, by those who need a story to justify what they already want to do. This is being ignorant by choice, not lack of knowledge. In contrast, truth is a bastard, rejected by those it exposes. In this conspiracy of silence, to reveal an open secret, with no exceptions, is to be disowned, abandoned or cast out, as organizations do to whistle-blowers. Yet occasionally it works, e.g. isn't it obvious that the rich skimming wealth from the poor but adding no value isn't sustainable? Why then did it take Karl Marx to point it out? Isn't it obvious that people competing to add value in a market produce but those suckling from a state teat won't? Why then did it take Adam Smith to point that out? And isn't it now obvious, from web sites like Wikipedia, that one can give to many but only take for one, so giving is better than receiving? How long ago were we told that?