Quantum Realism

Physical reality emerges as a view, as quantum reality generates the observer and the observed

Quantum realism (QR) is the theory that quantum waves are real and they create the physical world.
In physical realism, the physical world is real and the quantum world is imaginary but in quantum realism, the
quantum world is real and generates the physical world as a virtual reality. This theory is compatible with logic and science, including the equations of physics. In the Figure, physics as a way of viewing reality is no different from computer science, psychology, biology, sociology and the other sciences.

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Part I. The Observed Reality.  (September, 2021) (Chapters 1-5). Reverse engineers the quantum processing generating physical events based on physics and computer science.

Chapter 1. The Physical World as a Virtual Reality (August, 2021). The initial case that the physical world is a virtual reality generated by quantum processing. Download and Print.

Chapter 2. Simulating Space and Time (August, 2021). How a virtual space and time could appear to those in it as our space and time does to us. Download and Print.

Chapter 3. The Light of Existence (August, 2021). Attributes the strange properties of light to quantum processing, including the two-slit experiment. Download to Print.

Chapter 4. The Matter Glitch: An alternative to the standard model (September, 2021). How electrons, quarks and other matter evolved from the first light. Predicts that extreme light colliding will create matter. Download and Print.

Chapter 5. The Quantum Field (September, 2021). Derives gravity, charge and magnetism from a single quantum field and in so doing, unifies relativity theory and quantum theory. Download and Print.

Part II. The Observer Reality. Applies quantum realism to the observer experience, just as Part I applied it to observed physical events (in progress). 

Chapter 6. The Mystery of Consciousness. Applies quantum realism to the hard problem of consciousness (May 2023). Download to Print.

Chapter 7. Facing Reality. Considers whether enlightened beings past and present realized by intuition what quantum realism has deduced by science and logic about the nature of our reality (in progress).

Annex. A short unpublished paper on Alternatives to Physical Realism.

Glossary (2021). Defines key terms used in quantum realism. Download and Print.

FAQ. Answers common questions about quantum realism. Download and Print,

Translations. Translated into other languages.