QR4.4 Quarks

Quarks constitute the atomic nuclei that make up nearly all the matter we see. If neutrinos are strange then quarks are stranger, as their charges come in unexpected thirds and their nuclear binding increases with distance. Yet they obey the equations of matter, so can the processing that explains electrons and neutrinos be extended to account for quarks? Quarks must somehow be more than the one-dimensional matter of electrons and neutrinos.

QR4.4.1 A Triple Collision

QR4.4.2 The Phase Options

QR4.4.3 A Three-Way Structure

QR4.4.4 The Strong Force

QR4.4.5 Protons and Neutrons

QR4.4.6 The Weak Force

QR4.4.7 The God Particle

QR4.4.8 Mass and Energy

QR4.4.9 A Summary