Chapter 1 Discussion Questions

The following questions are addressed in this chapter. They are better discussed in a group to allow a variety of opinions to emerge. The relevant section link is given after each question:

1.   In what sense is current physics a “hollow science”? What is missing? (QR1.1.2)

2.   Why is it hard to argue for dualism, for a spiritual world as well as a physical one? (QR1.2.2)

3.   How does an objective reality differ from a virtual reality? (QR1.2.3)

4.   Has science proved that the physical world is an objective reality? (QR1.2.3)

5.   How does quantum realism agree with The Matrix? How does it differ? (QR1.2.5)

6.   How are quantum realism and physical realism the same? What is the difference? (QR1.2.5)

7.   Could science still operate in a virtual reality? (QR1.2.6)

8.   What physical evidence fits the theory that the physical world is a virtual reality? (QR1.3.1)

9.   Why do many physicists deny that quantum events cause physical events? (QR1.3.2)

10.  Is the physical world computing itself? (QR1.4.1)

11.  Did the physical universe create itself in the “big bang”? (QR1.4.2)

12. How did our space “begin” if there was no “somewhere” for it to begin at? (QR1.4.2)

13. How did our time begin if there was no time “moment” for it to begin at? (QR1.4.2)

14.  How can space be both nothing and something? (QR1.4.3)

15.  Why can’t anything go faster than light? (QR1.4.4)

16.  Is physics more “scientific” because it studies physical reality? (QR1.4.5)

17.  Is quantum realism falsifiable? Is physical realism falsifiable? (QR1.5.1)

18.  How can quantum realism be evaluated scientifically? (QR1.5.2)

19.  What is Occam’s razor? Does it support physical realism? (QR1.6.1)

20.  What evidence suggests that the physical world not eternal, all-pervasive, all-powerful or self-existing? (QR1.6.2)

21. Does quantum realism challenge the correctness of physics equations? If not, what does it do? (QR1.6.3)

22.  How has science challenged our ego in the past? What ego-fallacy does quantum realism challenge? (QR1.6.4)