Chapter 4.

Quantum Realism Part I. The Observed Reality

Chapter 4. The Matter Glitch:

An Alternative to the Standard Model

Brian Whitworth, New Zealand


“Scientists who don’t question their theories are priests”  Brian Whitworth

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A world view is a way of looking at the world that includes a statement of what is real:

1. Physical realism is the common view that there is only one reality and the physical world is it, so it is all there is. Its claim to truth is generally based on evidence from the physical world.

2. Dualism is the equally common view that a spiritual reality beyond the physical world created it and we return to it after death, implying a higher purpose to life. Its claim to truth is generally based on divine revelation.

3. Quantum realism is the view that only the quantum world is real and the physical world is a virtual reality. Its claim to truth is based on evidence from modern physics.

Physical realism is common in science and dualism is common in religion but quantum realism isn’t common at all. If only one view is correct, science must choose between them based on evidence. Physical realism seemed the favorite until physics started observing things that are physically impossible, but dualism couldn’t capitalize on this as experiments on paranormal effects like extra-sensory perception (ESP) couldn’t verify non-physical causes either. Most scientists back one of the traditional options but the outsider, quantum realism, combines the monism of physical realism and the non-physicality of dualism.

Quantum realism, the world view that everything arises from a non-physical quantum world, sits between the dominant views of physical realism and dualism. It agrees with physical realism that there is one reality out there apart from us but disagrees that the physical world is it. It agrees with orthodox religion that there is a reality beyond the physical world but disagrees that there are two realities. As a statement about the physical world, it is subject to science. Its main scientific contrast is physical realism, so this chapter addresses the question “What is Matter?” to make a testable prediction that contradicts physical realism.

QR4.1.   What is Matter?

QR4.2.   The Standard Model

QR4.3.   Electrons and Neutrinos

QR4.4.   Quarks

QR4.5.   Fields Upon Fields

QR4.6.   The Evolution of Matter

QR4.7.   Matter Revisited

QR4.8.   The Living Universe

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