Quantum Realism Links

Some links that might be interesting but don’t necessarily agree with quantum realism.

The World is an Illusion – Quantum Physics (Video). Contrasts what physics says about quantum waves and the matter substance we normally take as reality.

The Simulation Hypothesis Documentary (Video). A pretty good video outlining the basic argument behind virtualism.

For The New Atheists (Video) Johanan Raatz presents the Digital Physics Argument and then argues for a universal mind.

Have we reached the end of physics? (Video, TED talk) Harry Cliff, a CERN particle physicist glumly concludes that the Large Hadron Collider is not producing a new physics.

The Simulation Argument. Bostrom presents papers and links relating to his proposal that we are probably living in a simulation created by our future ancestors. See my comments on the simulation hypothesis.

Arguments for and against the simulation hypothesis. An excellent discussion of the pros and cons of the simulation hypothesis, e.g. that it doesn’t predict anything.

Why we are probably not living in a simulation (based on classical processing). Theoretical physicists crunch the numbers to show that building a classical computer to explain physics would need more atoms than there are in the universe.

Tom’s Top 10 interpretations of quantum mechanics. A brief overview of the main interpretations of quantum theory. Does not include quantum realism, that the quantum world described is real.

The Scale of the Universe. An excellent online display of the scale of the universe.

Sine Wave Animation. A visual representation of how a circle creates a sine wave.