Research Roadmap

The Research Roadmap is a bird’s eye view of scientific research including how to write scientifically, what reviewers look for, final checklists and a glossary of research terms. It is aimed at new researchers like PhD students but written in a way accessible to anyone interested in research.

Scientific research is a way to increase common knowledge using shared evidence that began over two thousand years ago. Among all the endeavors of mankind, it is the one where we deliberately don’t know where we are going, as Einstein says. Science is a journey into the unknown not the known. Yet how to make such journeys is known so the Research Roadmap describes that, including the research direction, method vehicles, analysis tools and making sense of what is found. Even so, every research journey is unique so there is no formula. Just as there are many ways to travel to a destination, so there are many ways to do research. The next section looks at what is common to all the fields of science.

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