QR3.4 Quantum Processing Spreads

We know how a physical wave spreads but how does a processing wave spread on a network? According to quantum theory, quantum waves spread at the speed of light after they start but that theory doesn’t say what is spreading or why it does so. If a quantum wave is a processing wave, it will spread at one node per cycle which as concluded earlier, is the speed of light. How then can a network “spread processing”? The computing method now proposed is called instantiation, a method that essentially allows a server process to run independently at many locations. Note that while the quantum no-cloning theorem (Wootters & Zurek, 1982) says that we can’t copy quantum states, the quantum system that made them in the first place can easily do so. In this sense, nature may be the ultimate copy machine.

3.4.1 Light Spreads Forward.

3.4.2 Instantiation.

3.4.3 What is a Photon?