QR3.4.2 Instantiation

Dynamic processing can spread on the quantum network by instantiation, an object orientated design method that allows screen objects to download processing from a source class. For example, if many screen buttons look and work the same, there is no point repeating the same code for each. It is easier to write a common program class and instantiate that code for every button. They must then look and act the same because they are instances of the same source process. This logic works for any screen object, like a drop-down menu or a mouse-over pop-up.

Quantum instantiation works the same way except that quantum processing is dynamic, so it also spreads on the network every cycle. Each instance, once started, begins the process of completing a transverse circle by accessing the photon server every cycle. A photon can then be envisaged as a spreading cloud of quantum instances that pass their processing on to their neighbors every cycle.