Chapter 1.

Quantum Realism Part I. The Observed RealityChapter 1. The physical world as a virtual reality

Brian Whitworth, Auckland, New Zealand


“Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”

Sir Arthur Eddington


We take our world to be an objective reality but is it? Those assuming that the physical world exists in and of itself has struggled to assimilate the findings of modern physics for some time now. An objective space and time should just “be”, but in our world space contracts and time dilates. Objective things should inherently exist but in our world, electrons are probability of existence smears that spread, tunnel, superpose and entangle in physically impossible ways. Cosmology now adds that our universe just popped out of nothing about 14 billion years ago. This is not how an objective reality should behave!              Download Whole Chapter.                                                                                                      Next

QR1.1 A Strange World

QR1.2 What Is Reality?

QR1.3 The Physical Evidence

QR1.4 Implications

QR1.5 Evaluating Quantum Realism

QR1.6 A New Theory

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