4. Polite Computing

This chapter considers politeness to be a software design requirement because politeness is what makes a community a nice place to be.    Next

4.1 Can Machines be Polite?

4.2 Selfish Software

4.3 Polite Software   

4.4 Politeness and Social Performance   

4.5 Politeness and Legitimacy   

4.6 Politeness and Security   

4.7 Politeness and Etiquette   

4.8 A Definition of Polite Computing   

4.9 Polite Computing Requirements   

4.10 Impolite Computing

4.11 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

4.12 Politeness in a Software Democracy

4.13 Politeness – A New Software Requirement

Chapter 4. Discussion Questions

Chapter 4. References