Chapter 5.

Quantum Realism Part I. The Observed Reality

Chapter 5. The Quantum Field

   Brian Whitworth, New Zealand

“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”  (Galileo Galilei)

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    The standard model specifies a particle cause for every physical effect, so the action of gravity at a distance is attributed to gravitons, the strong force to gluons and the weak force to W bosons. The result was many fields as each new particle needed a new field to produce it but another long-term goal of physics is field unification, to reduce all the fields of physics to one field that split into many as the universe cooled. Clearly, inventing many fields contradicts the goal of field unification, as one can’t reduce the fields of physics to one by constantly inventing new fields for every effect.

In contrast, quantum realism proposes that only one field, the general quantum field, causes all effects, so it supports physics but not the standard model. This chapter explains how the quantum field that explains the electromagnetic, strong and weak fields also explains gravity, electricity and magnetism.

QR5.1.  Gravity Rules

QR5.2.  Special Relativity

QR5.3.  Matter Trembles

QR5.4.  General Relativity

QR5.5.  Electricity and Magnetism

QR5.6.  Creating Order

QR5.7.  Why Does The Universe Exist?

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