QR4.5 Fields Upon Fields

Physics spent much of last century trying to prove Newton’s idea that particles cause all the forces in nature. In order to explain forces like magnetism and gravity that act at a distance, with no particles in sight, they argued that fields exert forces by creating unobservable virtual particles. The resulting fields upon fields made physics what it is today.

QR4.5.1 Many Fields, Many Choices

QR4.5.2 The Frog in the Pan

QR4.5.3 There Are No Virtual Particles

QR4.5.4 The Standard Model Feeds on Data

QR4.5.5 A Particle Toolbox

QR4.5.6 The Last Standard Model

QR4.5.7 The Particle Model

QR4.5.8 A Quantum Processing Model

QR4.5.9 Testing The Theory