QR4.5 Fields Upon Fields

Following Newton’s idea that only particles affect other particles, physics spent most of last century trying to prove that particles cause all the forces in nature. The aim was to explain forces like magnetism and charge that act at a distance with no actual particles in sight. They succeeded in inventing a world where unseen virtual particles vastly outnumber real particles.

QR4.5.1 The Many Fields Problem

QR4.5.2 The Frog in the Pan

QR4.5.3 Virtual Particles Aren’t Necessary

QR4.5.4 Occam’s Razor

QR4.5.5 A Particle Toolbox

QR4.5.6 The Last “Standard Model”

QR4.5.7 The Current Particle Model

QR4.5.8 A Quantum Wave Model

QR4.5.9 Testing Quantum Realism