QR3.2 The Quantum Wave

Maxwell’s equations describe light waves that vibrate in the imaginary plane of complex numbers, so the nothing of empty space vibrates in a direction that is nowhere in physical space. Current theory is that the primal existence we call light is a wave of nothing vibrating nowhere. In contrast, if space is a surface, light can be a wave on that surface, and if that surface is made by quantum processing, it can be a processing wave. This section explores the idea that light is a processing wave passed on by a quantum network that is the “… primary world-stuff(Wilczek, 2008, p74), whose nodes some call the “atoms of space(Bojowald, 2008).

3.2.1. Light is a Wave

3.2.2. We are Flatlanders

3.2.3. The Medium of Light

3.2.4. The Speed of Space