QR3.9 Redefining Reality

If our world regularly does what isn’t physically possible, why is physical realism still accepted? Time and again, quantum theory predicts a result that can’t physically occur but still does, whether it’s a photon traversing two slits at once or traveling many paths. The data doesn’t lie but we, it seems, are happy to believe in a theory that doesn’t work! The logic seems to be “Physical realism must be true because there is no scientific alternative”. Quantum realism is now that alternative but it comes at the price of redefining reality. Physics can either accept that the physical world does impossible things or redefine reality to be quantum. The many-worlds fairy tale is an example of the first choice.

3.9.1. The Many Worlds Fairy Tale

3.9.2. Is Science About Physical Things?

3.9.3. The Quantum Paradox

3.9.4. A New Realism

3.9.5. The Unmeasured Reality

3.9.6. The Quantum Dragon