QR5.7 Why Does The Universe Exist?

Since time immemorial, people have wondered why does the universe exist? The answer varies depending on what you think the universe is. If you think the universe is objectively real, then either it was made so for a purpose, or it is just here because it is. But if it has a purpose, why is it mainly empty space? Or if it just is, how did it come into existence from nothing as the big bang implies?

In contrast, virtualism suggests that the physical universe doesn’t exist by itself at all but is a virtual reality run by some “other” outside itself.  The most well-known version of this view today is the simulation hypothesis popularized by the Matrix movie.

QR5.7.1. The Simulation Hypothesis

QR5.7.2. What Is Evolution?

QR5.7.3. Why Do Virtual Realities Exist?