QR4.7 Matter Revisited

Aristotle looked around to see an earth of mainly matter but astronomers looking at the cosmos today see mainly space and light with earth-like matter only about 4% of all the mass of the universe. In cosmic terms, the universe is firstly full of space, then light, with matter a distant third in the scheme of things.

Quantum realism agrees, as if space is a null process and light is a processing wave, they use far more quantum processing than matter does. That matter came after space and light is why this book addresses space, light and matter in that order. Seeing matter as the third product of the universe, not the first, allows us to revisit matter mysteries that still puzzle physics today.

QR4.7.1 Why Does Matter Half-Spin?

QR4.7.2 Neutrino Asymmetry

QR4.7.3 The Mass Problem

QR4.7.4 Charge Neutrality

QR4.7.5 Family Generations

QR4.7.6 Dark Matter

QR4.7.7 Dark Energy