QR4.7.2 Neutrino Asymmetry

If the laws of physics varied with position, each new location would need new rules. That in our world, view direction changes the values but not the equations gives a spatial symmetry that is basic to physics itself. Yet neutrinos violate this principle because they always spin left-handed, an asymmetry that is reflected neither in the world we see nor the laws that describe it. As Pauli said:

I cannot believe God is a weak left hander(Lederman & Teresi, 2012)(p. 256)

Figure 4.24. Left and right-handed spin

What is spin-handedness? If you point your left thumb forward, the fingers of your hand curl in a left-handed spin direction and if you point your right thumb forward, the fingers curl in a right-handed spin direction. If your hands only move forward the spin stays the same but move one hand backwards and they both have the same spin, as reversing direction reverses the spin. Reversing an electron’s direction should create a mirror image of it that spins the other way by spatial symmetry, and electrons do indeed spin both ways. In contrast all neutrinos are left-handed and all anti-neutrinos are right-handed (Figure 4.24). So while electrons spin either way, a neutrino reversing direction still spins left and an anti-neutrino still spins right when it reverses.

The standard model can’t explain how a fundamental particle can spin the same way when it reverses direction, as when a neutrino changes spin it becomes an anti-neutrino that it isn’t the same as its mirror image, contradicting spatial symmetry.

The photon structures of quantum realism suggest an answer. When the first photon chose to move up or down on space to make matter or anti-matter, it also had to choose left or right spin and apparently it went left. The electron’s entangled photon sets both spin left, so their opposite directions let it have both left and right spin at once. In a physical event, an electron can spin either way and changing direction reverses both spins so it still spins either way, randomly.

One might expect the same for neutrinos but while the electron’s mass comes from both photon sets colliding, neutrino mass comes from only one of the photon sets. A neutrino reversing direction changes phase so what create its mass is now the other set of photons, which also spin left. When electrons reverse direction their mass origin doesn’t change but when neutrinos change direction the other set of left spinning photons create the mass. Neutrinos always spin left because when they reverse direction the source of their tiny mass changes.

Since a neutrino processing in reverse is an anti-neutrino, they always have right-handed spin for the same reason that neutrinos always spin left. The mirror image of a particle should be the same particle but the mirror image of a neutrino’s processing is not the same by the asymmetry that created our universe of matter. A processing model explains why neutrinos always spin left and anti-neutrinos always spin right.