QR4.7.4 Charge Neutrality

The standard model seems to assume that matter began like Venus from the sea, complete and perfect, with charge just an accessory. Our galaxy is largely charge neutral so physics supposes the universe as a whole is the same, but how did that happen? If charge is an inherent property arbitrarily allotted, why did the big bang dole out equal amounts of it? The current answer, that the universe is charge neutral because it was made “just so” is unsatisfactory.

In quantum realism, matter evolved just as life on earth did. Quantum events repeat at a fantastic rate, so anything not 100% stable reconfigures sooner or later. Every option is tried until one “sticks”, i.e. doesn’t change. This is how electrons, neutrinos and quarks survived the initial chaos and the first atom occurred because a proton plus an electron survive better together than apart. Every periodic table atom has the same number of protons and electrons for the same reason, that they survive better together than apart. Hence the universe is charge neutral because atoms are a stable evolution of matter and they are charge-neutral. The universe is charge neutral by evolution, not because some designer allocated charge that way.