Unseen World

Original lyrics and song written in 1996 by Brian Whitworth. Music arranged and written by Elaine Whitworth.

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Do you think you’ll live forever?
Do you think you’ll never die?
There’s a world alive around us.
Have you ever wondered why?

1. Poured into this body shape
Life is like a river flowing
It never stops its song of change
Do you know where you are going?


2. When you look what do you see?
Is it just the minds creation?
Do you see reality?
What exists beyond sensation?


Unseen world that lies beneath the visions we see,
Is there anything in this world, beyond machinery?
Oh unseen world, tell me what lies beyond illusion.
How can I know you as you really are?

3. When I die what will I be?
Will I be like wind just blowing?
Are there ashes to my soul?
Is there anything worth knowing?


4. All I know is that I am
A speck of life in a cosmic dream flow
Is there a hole in space or time
Where the known can meet the knower?

Slow chorus:

I know I won’t live forever, I know that one day I’ll die
There’s the world of boundless shining, its alive, but where am I?

How can I know you as you really are? (Repeat slowly)