Man’s Intuition

Man’s intuition

Everyone knows about woman’s intuition, that sees into the hearts of others, to know what they feel even before they do. Woman’s intuition lets a person emotionally “do”, to reach the hearts of others.

In contrast, man’s intuition sees not into hearts but into space and time, as it reveals where and when to be. Man’s intuition lets a person physically do, because when acting, time and place is everything. Just as there is no point expressing the right feelings to the wrong person, so there is no point in a “right” action at the wrong place or time.

We praise women’s intuition, because like magic it reveals the unseen heart, to reveal inner feelings that would otherwise be hidden. In contrast, man’s intuition, the skill of being in the right place at the right time, is generally attributed to dumb luck. If a man stops a baby falling or a bowl of hot soup spilling, that he was there to do it is considered to be luck rather than skill. Yet there is a skill in being in the right place at the right time, and not everyone has it.

Accidents often occur when people are in the wrong place at the wrong time, but they are not considered at fault. It was just bad luck, as the term “accident” implies. Yet we all the time choose where to be, so it is not entirely luck. Yet if a driver by intuition slows down, speeds up, or changes lanes for no apparent reason and so avoids a crash, no-one knows it was man’s intuition. This is because what might have happened, but didn’t, doesn’t exist! It’s the same when people fall or trip – some just get up again while others “fall on their head and end up in hospital. Who knows why? I do, its man’s intuition.

A clever man can get out of trouble but an intuitive one doesn’t get into trouble in the first place. Man’s intuition looks like dumb luck but it really exists. One can know where to be and when. One can know how to fall and how not to fall. Everyone, men and women, can access their man’s intuition, to move rightly in time and space, because it is a natural human ability. The only thing stopping you is to know that it is possible. Man’s intuition exists and we should all cultivate it.