QR2.3.4 Time is Not a Dimension

To Newton, time was a universal stream that carried all before it but if time itself changes that can’t be so. A time that defines all change cannot be itself subject to change so our time may not be as fundamental as Newton thought it was:

… many of today’s leading physicists suspect that space and time, although pervasive, may not be truly fundamental.(Greene, 2004) p471.

One might think that a four-dimensional quantum grid operating in time requires five dimensions but what creates our time has no need to exist within it. A fourth dimension allows the quantum cycles that create time, so quantum realism has four dimensions not five. Hawking & Hartle argue that in the beginning there existed four equal dimensions until the first event broke that symmetry when one of four equivalent dimensions became time and the rest became space (Hawking & Hartle, 1983). Quantum realism agrees but sees the original symmetry as a quantum network that “separated” into the three dimensions of the surface we call space and another for the transverse quantum cycles that create time. Space and time, like everything else, then come from quantum reality.

Quantum realism has no time dimension, only quantum cycles with time as a byproduct. What exists are events not substances, giving a “Physics of Now” (Hartle, 2005) p101 that has no past, future or time travel. Yet this “now” is not a cosmic now as each locale has its own time rate based on its own cycle rate. When matter doesn’t self-exist in time, it doesn’t need a time dimension to self-exist in. Quantum realism only requires an ever-present here and an eternal now.