QR 3.1.1 The Mystery of Light

The mystery of light is that it does what matter cannot. Even after centuries of detailed study, physics still can’t explain why it:

1. Doesn’t slow down over time. Why hasn’t light slowed down even after billions of years?

2. Has a constant speed. Why is the speed of light constant in a vacuum?

3. Comes in packets. Why does light come in packets called photons?

4. Is like a wave and a particle. How can a photon spread like a wave but arrive like a point particle?

5. Always takes the fastest path. How does light always find the fastest path?

6. Chooses its path after it arrives. Can light reverse causation?

7. Can reveal an object it doesn’t physically touch. How does light allow non-physical knowing?

8. Spins the same on any axis. Why do photons “spin” the same on any axis?

Quantum realism sees light as processing spreading on a quantum network that is the “… primary world-stuff(Wilczek, 2008, p74) and whose nodes some call the “atoms of space(Bojowald, 2008). So does this processing represent a wave or a particle?