QR4.8.1 Is the Universe Dead or Alive?

According to current physics, dead matter made galaxies, stars, planets, life and us by accident. Even if something made the universe, it long ago abandoned it to matter interactions based on the laws of physics. In this view, the laws that control matter also control people, so consciousness is considered to be just an illusion – an epiphenomenon of matter complexity (Zizzi, 2003). Physicists assert that the laws of thermodynamics doom everything to run down, whether it is our bodies, the sun or the universe, so everything will end in an eternal emptiness or “big freeze”. It follows that the universe, and its life, is ultimately pointless, so it doesn’t matter what we do.

This cosmic nihilism calls itself the voice of reason but actual reason suggests a different direction. That the physical universe began implies that it came from something else, so we are not alone. That quantum randomness has no physical source implies there are non-physical causes, so matter is not all there is. That the universe always decays implies that it began ordered, which the primal chaos wasn’t, so decay is not the only principle operating. That the laws of physics are based on probability not certainty means that this is no machine, so the future is not written. When examined closely, the story of a mechanistic world going nowhere that accidentally made us makes no more sense than that of a world built just for us by a supreme being.

One concludes that physical realism is just a theory, and scientists who don’t question their theories are priests. Last century, it was the only game in the town but today quantum realism is a rational alternative. It proposes that space is a processing network, time is processing cycles, light is the basic process and matter is entangled light rebooting. This theory, based on the method of reverse engineering, is testable, so if it is wrong, let the facts decide not preconceived beliefs.

The standard model assumes that its bits of matter began at the big bang as they are now but in quantum realism the universe had to evolve, as it booted up from one photon in one unit of space. This boot-up began small, just as Windows boots from a tiny CMOS that loads a kernel that loads a bigger BIOS that loads the full operating system. Booting up a computer isn’t booting up a universe but if one photon spawned the first light that made matter, life and eventually us, it is the same on a vast scale. This means there were no divine shortcuts, as every element had to evolve in the matter factories we call stars or in a supernova sacrifice. The evidence suggests that rather than being in a dead universe running down, we are part of a living universe evolving up.