Submission requirements. When you submit to any publisher, whether a University Thesis Committee or a journal, to not satisfy their submission requirements is to disrespect them. These may include:

  • Font type and size, e. g. Times New Roman, 10 points.
  • Page size and layout, e. g. A4 or letter page size, or columns.
  • Allowed length, including of the abstract.
  • If they provide a template, use it to take care of formatting issues.
  • Reference style, e. g. IEEE numbered citations like [3] vs. APA citations like (Smith, 1960)
  • Heading formats, e. g. a first level heading is … and a second level heading is …
  • How to present figures, e. g. what format to use or what size.
  • How to present tables and graphs.
  • How to submit, e. g. an online system.

Before submitting to any publisher, check that all submission requirements have been met.

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