QR5.4.2 The Gravity Gradient

Newton discovered gravity but found it inconceivable that inanimate matter caused it:

It is inconceivable, that inanimate brute matter should, without the mediation of something else, which is not material, operate upon, and affect other matter without mutual contact;…(Wilczek, 2008) p77

Einstein attributed gravity to space-time distortions but that Newton’s inanimate brute matter distorts space and time is equally inconceivable! Physics today still cleaves to Newton’s view that only particles cause forces, so when electromagnetism was found to act in photon units, it was attributed to virtual photons from space. But this trick didn’t work for gravity, which still works with no particles in sight because no evidence for gravitons has ever been found. Gravity lets objects accelerate without being hit by other objects.

In quantum realism, matter isn’t an inert substance but active processing that spreads on the quantum network. Just as one photon spreads a cloud of instances that travel all paths, so matter has a cloud of processing copies around itself. This quantum field allows electrons to teleport. The earth is too big to do that but it still generates a quantum field around it, just as an electron does.

Figure 5.7 Gauss’s flux law

The quantum field around matter should reduce as an inverse square of distance based on Gauss’s theorem, that any flux spreading over a sphere surface diminishes as the inverse square of its radius (Figure 5.7). This gives a quantum field gradient that is now proposed to cause gravity.

The gravity of small object is tiny but the earth’s matter generates a huge quantum field around it. The effect increases closer to earth, so a small object in this field has more processing on the side nearer earth than further away, which increases the probability that it will overload and restart on the nearer side. The earth then moves matter not by pushing it, but by biasing the quantum field around it.

In classical theory, objects must be pushed to move but quantum theory lets electrons just appear in places based on their quantum distribution. In our terms, quantum entities spread their existence around. If matter has a natural “tremble” on the quantum level, it is only necessary to tilt the quantum field probability table one way to give what we call movement.

The earth spreads a quantum field asymmetry that makes nearby bodies more likely to restart one way, giving movement in our terms. A body moves when it is pushed but it also moves when the quantum load around it is asymmetric. If the local quantum network is busier one way, the ongoing matter “tremble” as an overload-restart occurs more often that way. The gravity gradient moves nearby bodies by biasing the quantum load around them towards itself.