QR5.4.3 Gravity Swaps Photons

As earlier concluded, matter moves when directional photons bias its quantum field one way. When an object hits another, photons are exchanged as movement. In this view, movement as a matter property is due to photons. This quantum basis for matter movement is now extended to include movement due to gravity.

In quantum theory, an electron can teleport through an impenetrable barrier because it exists throughout its quantum field and can restart anywhere in it. Likewise, the earth as a quantum aggregate also spreads it existence out around itself to cause its gravity. Particle theory sees the earth as inert matter localized in space but in quantum theory it superposes its existence on the space around.

Gravity can’t be blocked so no “shield” can deny gravity. If gravity was caused by gravitons, anti-gravitons could create an anti-gravity area but no evidence anywhere supports this. Likewise, if gluons kept the nucleus together one could break it apart by a stream of anti-gluons but again no evidence supports this, although anti-gluons are said to exist. And since a photon of the right phase can cancel another photon, one could cancel the virtual photons of electromagnetism with the appropriate light but again no evidence supports this. Quantum realism concludes not only that these virtual particles don’t exist but also that it isn’t possible to block a spreading quantum field by any physical means at all.

A matter body as a quantum aggregate moves when all its quantum parts move. If those parts constantly jiggle, the whole moves when they all take a quantum step one way. This is unlikely but quantum events occur at such a fantastic rate that it will occur and the gravity bias makes it happen more often one way. Hence matter moves incredibly slowly compared to light.

When an object falls to earth, the earth’s quantum field participates in its quantum restarts so photons from the earth may restart in the object. As the body moves towards the earth, the smaller mass will acquire photons in the earth’s direction that in this model cause acceleration. Matter then accelerates by constantly adding photons which come from the earth superposed around it. Photon exchange is the basis of the acceleration of gravity that acts at a distance because the quantum field cannot be contained. Gravity then is equivalent to acceleration because both have the same quantum cause, namely the acquisition of photons.