QR5.4.3 Gravity and Photons

In quantum realism, the earth is a quantum aggregate that spreads it existence around itself to cause its gravity. It in effect superposes its existence on the space around it.

Gravity can’t be blocked so no anti-gravity shield is possible. If gravitons caused gravity, anti-gravitons could create an anti-gravity shield but no evidence supports this. Likewise, if gluons held the nucleus together, an anti-gluon stream could break it apart but again there is no evidence even though anti-gluons are said to exist. And since a photon of the right phase can cancel another, one could cancel the virtual photons of electricity and magnetism with the appropriate light but again there is no evidence for this. It is more likely that it isn’t possible to block a spreading quantum field by any physical means at all.

A matter aggregate moves when its quantum parts move. If those parts constantly jiggle, the whole moves when they all take a quantum step one way. This is unlikely but quantum events occur at such a fantastic rate that it will eventually occur if the jiggle of each part is biased one way. Hence matter moves incredibly slowly compared to light.

When an object falls to earth, the earth’s quantum field participates in the node overloads that cause quantum restarts so some of the earth’s photons are likely to restart in the object. As the body moves to the earth, its mass will then acquire photons in that direction. Matter that constantly acquires photons from the earth superposed around as it falls will accelerate. If kinetic energy is based on photons, a matter body that continually acquires photons will accelerate.

Gravity then causes acceleration because its superposed quantum existence around a falling body both causes movement and adds photons to the body to accelerate it. Gravity is equivalent to acceleration because both have the same quantum cause, namely the acquisition of photons.