QR5.5.2 Electric Fields are the Quantum Field

In current physics, mass and charge are inherent properties of matter with no connection but in quantum realism, mass and charge are two sides of the same quantum processing coin:

1. Mass: The net processing that repeatedly overloads a node.

2. Charge: The processing remaining to do after the overload.

If the quantum processing that is mass spreads as gravity, what spreads due to charge? In this model, all processing spreads on the quantum network, not just the net processing done that causes gravity. As this processing spreads, the same processing limits apply so the remainders play no part in gravity, but how might they affect the network? If a node of the quantum network first passes its processing on, a quantum cycle has two phases:

1. Share phase: Pass on current processing to neighbor nodes:

a. Cancel: First cancel any positive/negative processing.

b. Share: Share all processing among neighbors.

2. Execute phase: Run the processing received from neighbors.

a. IF an overload: Request a restart from the server(s) involved.

i. If ignored: If no server response, drop the job.

ii. If accepted: Reload processing from the server(s) as a physical event.

As concluded, gravity affects the execute phase because a massive body makes nearby matter restart more often towards itself. Charge in contrast, as the processing left over, has no effect on this phase but it would affect the share phase because more remainder takes longer to pass on. So a charged body should slow down quantum cycles closer to it by an inverse square effect like gravity, but there are no charged bodies as massive as the sun or earth for us to know. When charge builds up, it usually soon cancels with opposite charges, as lightning illustrates. The slowing effect of a small charged body will be minuscule, just as is its gravitational effect.

However, between opposite charged bodies close together the case is different. Now the remainders interact to cancel out and let the quantum network cycle faster. Each charge then biases the quantum network around the other to make it cycle faster the closer it is. Since both charged bodies are matter that restarts every cycle, the faster nodes are more likely to get server access, causing the bodies to move together. So opposite charges attract by biasing quantum restarts in one direction but in a different way from gravity. In contrast, between opposite charges the charges interact to slow down the quantum network between them, causing movement apart. Unlike gravity, this effect is only significant when charges interact to combine their effects on the quantum field.

To sum up, two factors alter where a quantum matter entity restarts:

  • Where the quantum network overloads (gravity).
  • When the quantum network overloads (charge).

Gravity differentially loads the network so nodes closer to its source overload first while charge differentially speeds up or slows down the network, depending on whether the other charge is opposite or the same, so that faster nodes get server access first. Both effects arise because the quantum processing of matter spreads on the quantum network so both decrease as an inverse square by Gauss’s law of flux. We call the effect of increasing overloads one way a gravitational field and the effect of increasing or decreasing the cycle rate an electric field. Matter spreads both its net processing mass and its processing remainder charge to bias the quantum network to cause movement. The difference is that while gravity has no opposite, charge only spreads until it is cancelled by an opposite charge.

In quantum realism, that mass and charge are complimentary matter properties makes gravitational and electric fields the complimentary effects of quantum processing. Both work by biasing the quantum trembling of matter rather than magically creating virtual particles to push it about, as the gravity gradient biases the processing load while charges interact to bias the cycle rate between them. It follows that the electric field comes from the quantum field just as gravity does.