Findings. Findings follow directly from the specific data and are not general conclusions. Each finding must be argued directly from the data. If the literature review set up hypotheses, go through them one at a time stating whether the data support or does not support each one. Argue all findings individually and directly from the data.

Findings are not conclusions. Note that a finding is just what is found, not a conclusion. Don’t discuss why the results happened or speculate on what they mean. It is left to the discussion section to apply theory to the findings and form conclusions. Don’t speculate in the results section.

Summarize all findings. Finally, at the end of the results section, summarize all findings as a numbered or bulleted list of single statements. Though the findings have been argued individually earlier, a list brings them together at one point and it helps the reader to see them all in one place. Summarize all findings in a list or table at the end.

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