QR6.2 Evolving a Brain

A human brain has more nerves than there are people in the world or devices on the Internet, and it has more connections than the Internet, as one nerve can link to 10,000 others. It also took five hundred million years to evolve, because it had to operate at every step. A bee brain is just a neuron sliver but it lets them fly, form colonies, and even communicate with each other, because brains like ours could only evolve from brains like theirs if they survived. Imagine building a jumbo jet where the first part had to fly and likewise for every part added after that, or writing a program where the first line of code had to work or you didn’t get to write the second. We build information processors but nature had to grow one.

QR6.2.1 Growing Processing

QR6.2.2 Decentralized Control

QR6.2.3 Nested Hierarchies

QR6.2.4 Feedback Loops

QR6.2.5 Three-Center Theory

QR6.2.6 The Emotional Center

QR6.2.7 The Intellectual Center

QR6.2.8 Sharing Control

QR6.2.9 The Binding Problem