QR6.3 Evolving Consciousness

People have long wondered how physical brains become conscious:

“How it is that anything so remarkable as a state of consciousness comes about as a result of irritating nervous tissue, is just as unaccountable as the appearance of the djinn when Aladdin rubbed his lamp in the story.” Thomas Henry Huxley, 1863

But if nerves cause consciousness and the brain is layer upon layer of neural processing, why doesn’t it always happen when they act? Why aren’t we conscious of the nerves that apply syntax to language or register balance? If the brain can do many things at once, why are we aware of some neural processes but not others? Why do nerves in different areas give one consciousness and only one “I”? As it turns out, the need for unified action begins at the cell level.

QR6.3.1 Cell Unity

QR6.3.2 Orchestrating Coherence

QR6.3.3 Quantum Nerves

QR6.3.4 Brain Waves

QR6.3.5 Consciousness By Synchrony

QR6.3.6 Field Theories of Consciousness

QR6.3.7 The Entangled Observer

QR6.3.8 Consciousness Takes Time

QR6.3.9 Consciousness Scales

QR6.3.10 Consciousness Cascades

QR6.3.11 The Silicon Chip Speculation

QR6.3.12 The Nature of Consciousness

QR6.3.13 The Grand Evolution

QR6.3.14 What is Real?

QR6.3.15 How is reality observed?

QR6.3.16 Where is the Observer?